The Begining...

Rosalia was the site of an 1858 battle between United States troops, including Nez Perce allies, under Col. Steptoe and the Coeur d'Alene.


Rosalia was founded in 1870 by T.J. Favorite, who named it for his wife. 


Rosalia was officially incorporated on March 23, 1894.


The Notoriety...

Outdoor scenes for the 1992 film Toys were filmed in the Palouse region of the eastern part of the state, near Rosalia.


Rosalia School District Awarded Best School National Award 2006.


The Future...

As the gateway to the Palouse, the town of Rosalia is poised for business growth/development and tourism.


As the years' progress and the city continues to grow, the future of Rosalia is bright and promising.

Historical Photos of Rosalia, WA

(photos courtesy of the Whitman County Digital Archives)

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